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Des solutions fiables pour un fonctionnement permanent

Alimentation poste HT/BT - Bloc opératoire - Appel malade

Take advantage of your applications with complete peace of mind using SLAT solutions

With 12.7 million hospitalised patients in France in 2017, the effectiveness of medical teams is a necessity.
It relies heavily on the technical means at their disposal that enable them to provide in each case the appropriate response at the appropriate time.
Human lives and also the serenity of the caregivers who confront all types of situations sometimes depend on the operational continuity of these resources.
SLAT provides reliable solutions that allow the permanent operation of the resources at your disposal.

In the same way, HV/ LV transformer stations in the power supply of hospitals and large industries must be able to rely on
the power supply of the switching devices. SLAT power supplies have been designed for this requirement.

SLAT products are designed, assembled and tested in France
Our products are NF and VdS certified, with the latest changes in the norms.
We respond to your requests with 24 hours
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