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Telephony is evolving rapidly and continuously.
SLAT has supported all these developments and is able to offer you high quality solutions for the equipment you have at your disposal, 
whether it is a robust PBX or a latest generation IPBX server.
SLAT power supplies have an oversized filter to ensure the best hearing quality.
The power supplies also have their batteries to provide backup in the event of a mains failure,
including microcuts that disrupt transmission. 

SLAT power supplies provide uninterrupted power supply to telephone systems,
and protects the equipment from disturbances.
Your systems are always available and offer you the best transmission quality.

Envie d'augmenter la fiabilité et la pérennité de vos solutions ?

  • 60% de nos clients nous font confiance depuis plus de 10 ans.
  • Un conseiller commercial comme interlocuteur unique
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