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About SLAT

We design and manufacture power supplies and data network components for all applications where service continuity is critical.

We master the "long-term emergency function" with maximum energy efficiency through products, certified according to the latest relevant standards. The DC SLAT UPS are composed of a power supply and a battery charger that allows to overcome the constraints and hazards of the power distribution network. We also offer network components for connected objects in buildings and cities.

We are experts in service continuity for domains where electrical safety is a critical element.

- Fire safety
- Video access control
- Building management systems
- Communication
- Videoprotection and urban information
- Emergency and medical systems


SLAT has sales offices in Germany, France and the Netherlands. The company is present in many other countries through partners.


Our commitments

Product quality

For many years, SLAT has adopted a KAIZEN approach. This groundwork is based on a state of mind of continuous improvement: "What can I improve today?" It has allowed SLAT to forge a true corporate culture. This culture, adopted by each employee, improves the day-to-day responsibilities of everyone in order to obtain quality products.

The SLAT Quality team provides you with technical support directly throughout the duration of use of your products, from their commissioning to their end of life. It works closely with the R & D department, for the constant improvement of our products through the expertise of your field returns. The best example of this product quality is our customers: 94% of them recommend our solutions (according to our customer satisfaction survey).


impeccable service

SLAT ensures a reliable delivery of its products, regardless of the operational conditions (external and internal).

In order to prevent incidents that may impact SLAT service, a disaster recovery plan can restore the information systems with minimal disruption in the event of a failure. Similarly, a business continuity plan has been defined to deal with a potential disaster affecting the personnel or the production tool.

In addition SLAT relies on a FMEA (Failure Modes Analysis of Effects and Criticalities) approach to develop its products and production processes. This comprehensive risk management approach within SLAT has naturally been part of these processes and has made SLAT one of the first European companies to be ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.

SLAT works with reliable suppliers and conducts regular process and financial quality audits. It also diversifies its supply sources on all critical components used in its manufacturing.

We are committed to a quality approach to our delivery times and provide our customers with reliable deadlines that meet their needs. More than 90% of our customers say they are satisfied with our deadlines.


Environmmental responsibility

SLAT is an ISO 14001 certified company since 2007. Its products are developed from rigorous eco-design specifications, aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of products from birth to craddle.

At the end of COP21, aware of global issues related to global warming, SLAT has embarked on a process of continuous improvement of its carbon footprint. The NETZERO project corresponds to a strong commitment of the management. It also trains every employee to act in a responsible way.


Corporate social responsibility

SLAT works in respect of social values ​​and guarantees a business ethic to its customers. The company participates in training initiatives for new generations through apprenticeship, work-study or support provided to Lyon University School of Management).

Since 2015, SLAT has opened its workshops to people facing employment difficulties, in order to promote their reintegration into the working world.

SLAT participates in French (AFNOR), European (CENELEC) and International (IEC) standardization committees on safety of people and buildings.

SLAT contributes to different professional unions in France and Germany.