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Get the smart city simply connected

Signage systems- Urban metering - City lighting - CCTV - Parking management

Connect your connected objects in the city with ease

The connected objects in urban areas are deployed everywhere to give the municipalities the means to manage more efficiently things
like traffic movement, communication, waste evacuation, urban pollution, street lighting, incivility, car parks, and illegal posting ...
In this way, urban areas are moving at high speed to offer their residents better daily comfort and more efficiency in public services.

All these services are based on information resources located at hotspots that transmit the data to be processed in return for action on the ground.
SLAT provides power supplies for and interfaces to the electrical and internet networks that simplify the installation and operation of connected objects in urban areas.

Designed and assembled in France
24 hour reponse to request
10 year life w/o maintenance
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