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Give your customers the safest and most innovative solutions

Safety – Reliability – Innovation

Slat, a reliable partner for your power supply solutions

Are you a builder in the field of fire protection: fire detection, safety, extinction, evacuation, smoke extraction?
Slat designs and manufactures all battery-powered power supplies to keep your systems running.
We are constantly working to offer you the latest technologies adapted to your needs.
Slat products are certified according to the current industry standards.

Slat offers service continuity solutions in all other areas where electrical safety is a critical element :
video access control, building technical management, emergency and medical systems, video surveillance and urban information... 

More than a provider, Slat is a partner. We are with you throughout each project, we know your history.
We are at your side to design the best solutions, to ensure your customers’ safety and peace of mind. 

Solutions that develop your added value
NF and VdS certified products, with the latest changes to the norms
We respond to your requests within 24 hours
About SLAT

Want to increase the reliability and durability of your solutions?

  • 60% of our customers trust us for more than 10 years.
  • A sales consultant as sole point of contact
  • A 24h response to your quote request
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